We have assembled a world-class team to ensure that Helios Towers Congo is, and remains, a formidable, customer-centric organization.

Our Africa-based management team combines market-leading operational expertise with African telecom network roll-out capabilities and global tower management experience. The team also retains unrivalled relationships with key local constituencies and major wireless operators across the continent.

HTA employees in office

Helios Towers Congo Management Team

Jeffrey Schumacher, Chief Executive Officer

Jeffrey was appointed CEO of HTG in September 2015 and CEO of Helios Tower Congo Brazzaville in October 2016, currently holding both positions. He joined HTA in 2011 and has held senior roles during the set-up, launch, and growth phases at subsidiaries in Tanzania, DRC, and Tchad. Prior to HTA, he was an investment professional at Soros Fund Management LLC and actively involved with the company since its formation in 2009. Jeffrey holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering, Magna Cum Laude, from Northwestern University in the United States.

Regis Laugier, Managing Director

Regis has been Chief Executive Officer of HT—Congo Brazzaville since November 2016. Regis
joined the Company in April 2015 and previously held senior operations positions for the Company’s Tanzanian operations, including Networks Operations Director and Operations and Technology Director. Prior to joining the Group, Regis worked for Camusat RDC, a subsidiary company of Camusat France Group, where he was Chief Executive Officer and where he developed maintenance managed services for Orange DRC and Helios DRC. Regis also previously held various positions in the telecommunications industry, including with Ericcson and as a consultant to Sofrecom.

Rodrigue Mabiala, Projects Director

Rodrigue joined Helios Towers Congo-Brazzaville (HTCB) in March 2015 with over 14 years of experience in telecommunications network management. Prior to joining HTCB, Rodrigue worked with Huawei and Warid.

Steve Lobouaka, Head of Sales

Steve joined Helios Towers Congo-Brazzaville (HTCB) in April 2015 with over four years of experience in telecommunications product management. Prior to joining HTCB, Steve worked at Huawei Technology.